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Seidokwan boasts one of the highest ratios of black-belts to non-black-belts in Montreal which translates into one of the best instructor to student ratios available. Seidokwan is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, yet despite its status as a non-profit organisation, Seidokwan offers a fully professional quality program. We have an impressive staff of experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge, both within the realm of judo and in our professional lives.

All our black belt instructors hold judo rank recognised by Judo Quebec and Judo Canada. Judo Canada is the only organisation recognised by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) as a sport governing body for judo in Canada. Judo Canada also maintains ties with the Kodokan, the original school of Judo in Japan in order to maintain rank equivalency according to their standards.

Most of our instructors also hold certification under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and some hold certification as referees. As is typical of West-Island institutions, Seidokwan boasts a bilingual (in some cases Multilingual!) instructional staff. Classes are run in a bilingual manner with extra help given as needed in the mother tongue of individual students.

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